Wednesday, January 19, 2011

There and Back Again - Sundance 2011

I have made it to Park City another year! I am so giddy that I just keep walking around exclaiming "I'm so excited!" After unpacking my bags, registering for my credentials and getting hit by a few snowballs, it feels good to be back. This is my third year at Sundance and I have to say that it just keeps getting more "exciting."

This will be my first year with Industry Credentials at Sundance. I believe that I have explained this before with Toronto, but basically industry is given completely different screening schedule from the public, in a different set of theaters. It is nice being that you do not have to deal with lines or the public and you are with only press and industry folks. Thinking about it, I am a little sad that I will be removed from the hub-bub of Main St. and the packed buses of people running from theater to theater, but really I am excited to be among those that are serious about screening films.

Looking at my schedule today I let out a sigh, knowing that I will have to find a way to sustain my energy throughout the day, with 6 to 7 films to screen. All of which I am so excited to see for different reasons, but it is definitely a learned skill to sit through more than 3 films. In fact, I think the average viewer has a hard time with a double-feature. But I have learned some tricks and ways to keep concentrated, focused and still be just as entertained and engaged in my first film of the day as my last.

Another exciting change this year- a team of programmers from the Newport Beach Film Festival got to come out to Park City. There are seven of us here, a street-team of awesomeness, really. Three of us are tackling Sundance, two at Slamdance and two on events. Our cabin sleeps all of us comfortably, complete with a pool table, board games and an outdoor jacuzzi. I even get to stay on the bottom bed of bunk-beds...something that I have not experienced since I was eight.

Tonight we are going to catch one of the first Industry screenings and my day starts at 9am in the morning. Be on the lookout for some quick picks, favorites and mini-reviews of what I see!

Sundance 2011, here I come.