Saturday, September 11, 2010

TIFF2010: Day 3

This one is going to have to be quick-not because I am too tired, but simply because the internet connection at the hotel is so sporadic right now, I am not sure when I will be able to post again.

I only got the 3 films today. That was not all my fault and timing just didn't work out for me. It was finally a day that I needed to relax and enjoy the city and get myself to an industry party. Not going to lie, it was fun, but probably because I needed a drink pretty badly and I ended up getting into a conversation that went from hypnotism to fake breasts to orgasms to relationships...gotta love Hollywood.

But of the films that I did see, I enjoyed them all and for different reasons.

LITTLE WHITE LIES (Guillaume Canet) France: This was such a pleasure to start my day with. This film follows around a group of friends who all take their annual summer vacation together after one of the members of their group gets in a serious car accident. Almost too slowly at times the film unravels secrets that affect the entire group. It boils slowly and methodically in a way that makes you laugh and cry by the end of the film, growing with these characters. It is beautiful and it doesn't hurt that the cast includes Marion Cotillard.


SUPER (James Gunn): Here comes the next interesting superhero movie. Take KICK-ASS and think more gritty. This film removes ALL of the fantastical elements of a superhero flick. It is sometimes grotesquely violent, but that it what is so charming about it. This is a "real" guy that is going into the streets and fighting crime, ultimately to get back his wife who was taken by a drug lord, so it gets pretty raw when his weapon is a wrench that he bashes skulls with. But at the same time, it fails to make these people easy to relate to, therefore it is hard to care. But it is funny, cute and worth a viewing.


GRIFF THE INVISIBLE (Leon Ford) Australia: This is a different perspective of the superhero, taken from inside the mind. What if you truly believed that you were a superhero and were fighting crime to help you community but it was all in your head? That is how Griff, a middle-aged, middle class guy who believes that he is special. That is until he meets Melody, who wants to help him save the world. This is a charming film that is done in such an interesting way that it must be seen. The way that events unfold and characters are developed is a very foreign technique and works wonderfully here.


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